Thursday, January 8, 2015

Now that my days are chopped up into hour and a half intervals, there is only so much to achieve. So I'm keeping it simple. My needs in life have simplified (due to Baby Rem's schedule consuming mine) to the few things pictured below, especially the EOS lip balm....#FavStatus.

{No need to explain, right? It's incredible!}

{Baby Rem currently falls asleep to Chandler's hilarious jokes & sarcasm.}

{When you have three minutes to prep for the rest of your day, kukui oil will save any curly girl's hair.}

And Something To Look Forward To....

{LILLY PULITZER FOR TARGET!!! --Even if the pretentious rich girls of the Upper East Side look down on us basic, poor bishes that can only afford Lilly because she is now at Target. Rude.} 

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