Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year, New Chances

I am very much so looking forward to 2015. Our sweet boy finished last year perfectly which ultimately set us up for the New Year quite well.

I am typically not a New Year Resolution kind of girl, but this different. For the first time in awhile there feels like there might be a little magic in the air, like maybe this is MY year. So I thought about it and here are my resolutions for 2015...

1. {To Be The Best Momma I Can} Our boy deserves the best from me, not the generic "best mom" status, but just my personal best. If it means eating better, meditating more, drinking more water, etc. I'll do it. Baby R deserves the absolute greatest and I intend on giving it to him.

2. {Getting Organized} seriously organized!! Currently we live in a small, one bedroom apartment. This would be tolerable, except there is no system to the madness and before we move I would like to set us up for success. Purging, cleaning, and getting our current home organized is the way to do so.
**{If anyone knows of a fantastic organization blog, please drop the link in the comments}**

3. {Blogging} Staying consistent with posting, looking for new ways to stay inspired, and keeping up to date are my promises to you all. This blog might have a tiny following currently, but we have a lot of potential here. Hopefully by 2016 we can grow to be mighty.

4. {Friends} Yes, I plan on watching every episode currently streaming on Netflix. Though, ultimately what I had in mind was being a better friend. Since having Baby R two old friendships have rekindled. I intend on growing, nurturing, and investing in these friends because these people where there for me at a very scary time. To me, those are worthwhile friendships that deserve another chance.

{Our first family photo, taken at midnight on New Year's.}

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