Tuesday, December 16, 2014

5 { Fashion Staples }

One thing I have always wanted to do is rebuild my wardrobe from the ground up. Seeing as I am on maternity leave now, have my healthy life game plan (food/exercise included), and an opportunity to get rid of all my last season attire as well as maternity clothing collection...it seems like a pretty perfect time.

I'm not 100% able to tell you what my style is anymore considering I have changed as a person, but I do know I am loving neutrals and clean cut lines. Based off of those things, I can at least show you the closet essentials I will be investing in.

I say investing because these are the items I intend to spend some serious money on since they will be pieces that can carry on for years to come. Investment pieces are pretty vital to any person's closet and I currently have maybe one investment piece...a coat purchased for me Christmas 2008.

Anyway... Let's get started!

1. Neutral Colored Coat
As I said, I heart neutrals. I do feel as if everyone should. With them being such versatile colors the wardrobe item of choice can be carried through to just about any season or yearly trend.

2. Black Dress
We all love a black dress. Why? Because it is chic and easy. You can wear it plain with a glam pump, you can wear it with a statement necklace, you can do just about anything to it and you will look fab. I'm going to strive to have a variety of styles in black, that way I'll be ready for any occasion or event.

3. A {GOOD} Pair Of Blue Jeans
When I say a GOOD pair of blue jeans, I'm talking about something you may have to throw some money at. It is pretty easy to go to the closest American Eagle and buy a $30 pair of jeans, but they never last. However, my Gap jeans have stood the test of time with me and are still going strong...plus, they are super soft. Do some research and actually try the jeans on. You'll be surprised on the difference it will make.

4. Classic Bag
Again, here I am with the neutrals. Though these bags also display my love for clean lines. Very chic, very simple, very me. Invest in about three solid bags that will transition with you into any season and yearly trend.

5. High Heels
Now picking heels for a staple item is purely based on the person picking them. Everyone seeks different qualities in their heels. I prefer comfort overall. High heels and comfort can go hand in hand, it is all about the research and knowing your feet. I have wide feet by my toes and am pretty narrow the rest of the way down, so I generally have a hard time finding a decent pair of heels. I ended up being measured and surprisingly enough found numerous websites that have heels to fit these beasts. Heels are not to be rushed, take your time and shop around.

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