Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September Book Club

As stated before, I adore reading. The following titles are on my September to-read list:

I am a few chapters deep into 'An Object Of Beauty' and am pleasantly surprised with how much I am enjoying it. The story follows a young woman, Lacey Yeager, as she climbs the social ladder of the art world. What impressed me the most was Steve Martin's attention to detail when it came to all the different artwork featured in the book. I'm definitely glad I chose this as my first read of the month. 

I am generally skeptical of young adult books that are made into movies, but I did hear pleasant things about this read. The book is about Sutter (who is a live in the moment kind of guy) and Aimee (who is basically a sheltered hot mess). Sutter finds himself in the position to either influence Aimee's life for the better or completely ruin it. On the book blogs I've come across--yes, I'm THAT person--people are raving at how they didn't want it to end and how the depth of the characters truly made the book. This is one I'm quite excited to read with hopes that the reviews hold true.

I've been reading mixed reviews on 'The Humanity Project.' I realize it is probably one of those books where you love it or you hate it. The story follows several different characters and how they are each connected while each is in search of happiness (or contentment at the very least). As on the fence as I am about the book, I'm going to take a chance on's hoping I made a good choice.

Happy reading!

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